Camping in Namibia

Exploring Namibia on a self-drive 4x4 hire complete with all the necessities provided by Crossroads Car Hire makes the adventure far more simplistic. Planning your self-drive in Namibia is highly recommended as camping & hotel establishments can be fully booked especially during Peak Season (July – October). Enquire with one of our rental agents for tour operators specializing in self-drive safaris.

The Country is big, and the drives are long, many visitors underestimate the time and mileage spent visiting one attraction to the next. Having a pre-planned itinerary will ensure optimised time of your journey.

The Country is extremely dry, and you can be assured that everything gets a bit dusty. Choosing a campsite which offers showers is advisable. There are many campsites across the entire Country ranging from very basic (Just a shaded tree) to full comprehensive with electricity, fridge facilities, warm showers, lighting and fresh water. Enquire with one of our rental agents for more details on campsites across Namibia.

Once arriving at your campsite, Crossroads Car Hire has your every need covered. Ensure you park your vehicle under some shade, open up your rooftop tent and throw over your linen provided. If there is electricity at the campsite, you can use this electricity to run your fridge at the rear of the vehicle. This will save the 12v second battery installed in the vehicle. Set up your table and chairs, pull out the barbeque grid and your set for an enjoyable camp.

Essential items provided by Crossroads Car Hire at no additional cost is, full cutlery, pots, pans, kettle, dishwashing liquid, sponge and drying towel, table cloth, oven mitten, mosquito repellent, towels and a roll of toilet paper.  You will be required to purchase wood, firelighters, toilet paper, salt & pepper, sunblock and refuse bags.

Most of the roads travelled to reach the scenic attractions will be done on gravel roads. Although the majority are graded and kept in a good condition, it is advisable to take caution and adhere to the 100 km/h speed limit. It is advisable to travel with an emergency kit and GPS which are available from Crossroads Car Hire.

Travelling Namibia with our range of Toyota Hilux Double Cab 4x4’s equipped with all camping equipment needed, the destinations are endless. Speak to one of our Rental agents to start booking your unforgettable self-drive adventure in Namibia.


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